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BFI Future Film Festival 

Showcasing, inspiring and empowering the next generation of filmmakers.

The annual BFI Future Film Festival takes place over a weekend in February every year, with a packed line up of workshops, masterclasses, networking opportunities, screenings and Q&As at BFI Southbank. BFI Future Film Academy 20 offers aspiring young filmmakers a fun and practical talent development programme.

I was selected as one of a few designers to put forward a campaign for the BFI Future Film Festival. The competition involved working closely with the design team at the BFI through a series of design workshops over a number of weeks, with the final aim of creating a marketing campaign for the BFI Future Film Festival.

I responded to the brief with the concept and tagline ‘shining a light on your creativity’. I like how the festival exposes, highlights and showcases up and coming talent, putting them in the limelight. I projected light patterns, representing the creativity of the individuals, onto the faces of up and coming filmmakers: illuminating, highlighting and uncovering them and putting them in the spotlight.

Branding / Packaging