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Motivate Change

The science of customer behaviour

Motivate Change is a team of psychologists who specialise in customer behaviours. They work with small to medium-sized businesses to help them base decisions on the psychology of behaviour and align themselves with their target market to win more customers and grow at minimal cost.

I designed a new company marque, referencing the company’s properties and values: the brainwave-turned-graph emerging from an encircled, silhouetted person represents the upward growth that comes from understanding how their customers think.

I complimented this with a custom logotype, coloured to match the themes represented within the logo marque: 'MOTIVATE' referring to the environment around the person and 'CHANGE' referring to the brain and brainwave which represent a move towards success and upward growth. These elements were unified by a palette of dark and light blue to give a scientific but technical quality.

Website development:
Josh Willmot

Branding / Packaging